Tasmia Tahia | The Writer

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I am a 19-year-old from East London. I was born in Bangladesh and moved to the UK at 15. I enjoy writing and poetry and I also love creating videos, although the only vlogging I have done so far is the video entry I made for Star Track, which can be found here:


I love writing and aspire to be a writer. I love the impact simple words can have on someone’s mind. Being blessed with the knowledge of rhyming words and making others see the world through my eyes.

I have a sister, who is ten as is practically a mini-me, and we often dress up similar, and she’s my main motivation to do my best in anything, as I wish to be a positive role model for her as well as others.

I have been greatly involved with the London 2012 Games, firstly as a Waltham Forest Youth Ambassador, and then as a Legacy Youth Panel representative and Legacy Youth Board Member. I hope to use both my experience as a co-creator for Spark+Mettle and also as a Legacy Youth Board member to help influence positive and sustainable development for young people in East London.