Cherish Marakami | The Artist

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I am currently putting all my energy into the Spark+Mettle programme and developing my own skills, through online courses in coding, painting in my spare time and planning towards a project that explores femininity. My background is firmly entrenched in the Arts; I have studio experience in fine art and design, graphics, film and photography. All subjects complement each medium and this is something I would like to do with each project and hopefully a career. I hope to be an artist as a career, whether it be in  advertising as an art worker or fashion illustrator for a label of any size. These roles would allow a process that involves each trade or a combination of a few. I am currently living in Bromley with one of my many sisters. At the age of seven I was able to knit due to being sent to boarding school perhaps a little bit too young, I learnt about independence and forgot how to knit by the time I went back home.