Amy Whitear | Storyteller

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Bonjour! Je m’appelle Amy. I’m currently studying BA English Literature with the Open University, in addition to working in PR, blogging several times per week and baking an incessant amount of cakes. I split my time between Central and South London, and I’m never without a notebook and some form of camera. I believe that there are seven billion stories on earth, one for each person, and I’m on a mission to find as many of them as possible. I have an infatuation with foreign languages and I’m self-teaching three! Oh, and I’m obsessed with musicals.

* * *

Star Track has helped me. I’m starting to believe in myself a hell of a lot more. Me badgering the editor of the Huffington Post blog is something that is a direct result of Star Track. Me sending multiple magazine submissions is a direct result of Star Track. The assessment day, Forge On, the hangouts and the social have all boosted me a little bit. For that, I cannot thank the wonderful people involved enough.