This Is Not A Pub Quiz 3

This Is Not A Pub Quiz Spark+Mettle

As the year draws to a close, it would be unfair of us to keep you in the dark about all the weird and wonderful revelations we’ve experienced in the wake of Halloween and fireworks night, so without further ado, let us fill you in on what went down at our most recent fundraiser: the third edition of This Is Not A Pub Quiz. This event taught us a lot, which is bizarre given that this quiz required absolutely no general knowledge…

We settled into a cosy comic-book covered room at The Albany, and jazzed it up even more with a great playlist and posters made by our co-creators. With an expert yet sneaky judging panel made up of our volunteers, trustees and Spark+Mettle team up on stage, there were also a few hand-drawn signs pointing to a very suspicious saucepan labelled ‘Bribes’. Trust us when we say these guys had no shame! Our fantastic Quiz Master and past co-creator Amy led us through round after round of general silliness and we were amazed by the inspired (and sometimes questionable) works of fiction that our consequences round offered up. Crafty crowns, creative stories, and crazy teams were the order of the evening, with plenty of excitement bubbling around our raffle prizes too.

The quiz took an unexpected turn when one of our talented attendees made the raffle even more exciting by donating more prizes! It’s this kind of generosity, collaborative spirit and creativity that keeps us going and makes our events all the more thrilling so we’d like to thank everyone that came along for bringing the action with them. Thanks to our sponsors and the great organisations we teamed up with, there was a whole pile of prizes from Ohh Deer, Alphabet Bags and Bill’s to be won, and plenty of sweets, soaps and special goodies from teapigs, our very own Dreamers Supply Co. and Shellsuit Zombie to take home.

Throughout the course of the evening, as our teams went head-to-head to win the title of quiz champion and (literally) battled for the quiz crown, we discovered that there are many, far more creative uses for strange objects than we could ever have imagined, that romantic song lyrics can in fact be terrifying rhymes, that amazing and regal head-dresses can be fashioned from fuzzy pipe-cleaners and feathers in under 15 minutes, and that there are some striking similarities between dogs and celebrities!

Congratulations to our winning team and our raffle winners! Thanks to everyone that came along we’ve successfully raised more money to make our programmes and future events the best they can be. We can’t wait to see you all at This Is Not A Pub Quiz 4!