The Founding Associates | First Generation


I have long been an advocate for the work Spark+Mettle does. You could say I am fully indoctrinated into the world of flourishing in all of its positive, world changing glory. You would not be wrong. So picture if you will the sheer maniacal grin I had on my face when I learnt about the Founding Associates programme that team Spark+Mettle had up its collective sleeves. There was no way I was going to let it happen without me.

Flash forward a few weeks after signing up for the programme and I’m standing inside Makers Academy HQ preparing for our very first session as a cohort. Going in to the Touchpoint Evening, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. A refresher on character strengths, sure. The chance to mingle with a talented bunch, definitely. But, as always, there were surprises along the way. My expectations — meet new people, have some fun, learn new things – were absolutely exceeded.

Perhaps my favourite part of the evening was when we splintered off into teams to take part in the ultimate Spark+Mettle quiz. Team Dragon for life! It was an incredibly fun way to get everyone revved up and raring to go. And, of course, even the slightest mention of Dave Eggers gets me all giddy. Hannah and Anna sure know how to get everyone sharing in the joy and the fun. The evening also provided ample opportunity for us all to flex our creative muscles, from creating our own Spark+Mettle animals to drawing up life maps.

I have no doubt that the Founding Associates are going to have an awesome year. Not only am I reunited with some of my glorious co-creators from my Star Track days but the cohort also features some unbelievably awesome people. It’s such a diverse group, from all backgrounds and specialities. I had the most amazing time getting to know all about my fellow Founding Associates (getting to like them, etc etc etc)*. We’re going to do some awesome work.

*gold star for the genius who understands that reference.


Written by Amy Whitear

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