The Flourish Fest!


Oh, the month of January doth seem to drag on sometimes, doesn’t it?  It’s long after the turkey, mince pies and tins of Quality Street have disappeared from the kitchen (but superimposed themselves onto your belly). In addition, the season of goodwill to all mankind comes abruptly to an end, signalled largely by the hovering traffic warden of doom as he gleefully descends upon your car with a parking ticket.  To make matters worse, you somehow manage to consistently break all your resolutions before the sun sets on the first day of January.

Still, all is not lost, ladies and gentlemen—Spark+Mettle are set to present a night to get your New Year off to a more flourishing start than ever before! We will be holding a Flourish Fest at The Book Club, in the heart of Shoreditch on Tuesday 15th January 2013. In 60 minutes flat, 12 diverse speakers will cram innovative, inspiring, enlightening stuff designed to help you and your communities flourish. All proceeds from ticket sales go to Spark+Mettle in their work to help propel young people—overcoming obstacles in their own lives—to greatness.

What’s more, following our fabulous Flour-ish initiative piloted last January, there will be lots of sugary goodness on sale to keep your concentration razor sharp during the fest. There will also be an opportunity to get your hands on dream-realising products from the Dreamers’ Supply Co.  AND the chance to bid on some awesome experiences at the Dreamers’ Auction.

Quite frankly, it seems that all roads should really lead to the Book Club on Tuesday 15th January. To book your ticket, please click on this link. It’s the right thing to do.

In the meantime, however, why not visit our lovely little microsite where we have put the flour into flourishing: Recipes from brilliant, real-deal chefs such as Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Delia Smith and Prue Leith are all there. As well as some in-house family secrets from Spark+Mettle people. They WILL make you feel great. If you haven’t checked them out yet, go go go.


* * *

To find out how the event went, get the full lowdown here.