Teach Yourself Gratitude


Everyone experiences gratitude sometime throughout their lives, it could be a few times or at all times and to obtain it is entirely up to you through your own perception. We as human beings should learn to know what it’s like to appreciate things in life; nothing’s too big or too small, it’s all about what you consider to be thankful for including giving back. Receiving and feeling satisfied for what you have is one thing, but returning the kindness is another quality that acknowledges what has been done for you.

Gratitude keeps you in a state of positivity eliminating any negativity interfering with your life. When I was 23, I was constantly worried about money issues, I felt like I wasn’t good enough and I wasn’t happy with what I already had. Then I came to terms with myself; that working with what I already had can still be worked upon to bring out positive characteristics about myself such as, meditating to become a better person, on what’s important in my life. That’s when I became more aware and grateful, because seeing people who didn’t have much but were full of happiness made me realise that if someone with less than me can be happy, then I can be too. I’ve always cherished moments even if they sometimes appear small or meaningless; it made me value others as well as myself, because each small moment created a bigger picture for me. This was not the only benefit I gained from it, it also developed my mindset, how I saw others, my maturity; enabling me to help others on the journey to a positive lifestyle when they’re in feeling of fear and doubt.

Have you ever noticed whenever you can see the bright side of things or turn a negative situation into a positive, life seems to materialise as if the grass has always been green and the crops have always been nourished? More good things will start to occur in your life or at least it’s because of your perception that it feels so much better to be where you are, positive, in-the-moment, like you’ve always been living in a safe haven yet, was blinded by the sparkling lights that seeing ahead felt to be improbable.

So every day you wake up — smell the fresh air and be grateful that you were able to start a new day to manifest your dreams and desires.


Written by Justin White

Photography courtesy of Cindi Albright