Tasmia’s Star Track Journey


My name is Tasmia and my dream career is to be a writer—either a novelist or journalist. Before Star Track, I was trying to figure out if I have anything that will set me apart from everyone else in the job market. I felt lost and hopeless about the direction my life was taking. I wanted to be able to regain control of the path my life was taking and also looking into opportunities.

Star Track taught me so much. I learned that it is okay to fail. I learned I have unique skills, which I display to others very well—that my passion is visible and that I can take control of my life. This has meant that I will definitely go for more things, and hit that ‘send’ button with more confidence.

I now actually have a much clearer understanding of my skills and qualities and also my weaknesses, which will be very useful for my future job applications and personal development. I feel so much more confident and happy, and know I am the one steering my life.

I thought Star Track was perfect, as we were treated with respect as adults and given the chance to feel in control from the start. I also appreciated the balance between work-focused and person-focused approaches in content.

Star Track also helped me gain useful contacts, such as Matt Greene, a novelist, who was one of the most amazing people I have ever met, and very supportive of my dream to be an author. I have met so many amazing and inspirational people!

As a result of the programme, I think I now reflect a lot more, which helps me feel more confident and positive about life. Thank you for taking me on this beautiful journey!


Tasmia is a co-creator from the 2014/15 cycle of the Star Track Fellowship programme