Taqaddam Future Ideas Spotlight UAE


Over a seven week period over a thousand students across 6 countries in the Middle East and North Africa worked with their teachers and with the Taqaddam online platform to develop their character strengths and soft skills. Alongside this students worked as teams to develop an innovative idea that would help solve a problem that they had identified regarding the environment, health or their community. Now, Spark+Mettle are showcasing some of the fantastic ideas that arose from each country.


Country: UAE

School name: Dubai Carmel School

Idea: “Grandology ”


This team of talented young women from a school in Dubai devised an idea to help older generations understand modern technology and in the process encourage stronger relationships with their younger counterparts. The lack of connection and understanding between older people and youngsters was highlighted as a problem in their country that the team aimed to address.


In their presentation, the team used an interesting (and confusing!) model that the judges were able to play with during the market place. The model was designed to be baffling to use, thus illustrating what someone who is older and isn’t used to using phones and computers may feel like when they are attempting to tackle modern technology. This element of the team’s presentation made them stand out from the crowd, as it helped judges to visualise what older people may experience when they are faced with a computer or a smartphone, and empathise with this.

After presenting research that showed how older and younger people feel about this issue, the team proposed that they would set up Grandology clubs in their school. They would invite older people to the clubs and the students would work with them to build understanding, both of the technology at hand but also of each other.

The project was innovative and actionable and for these reasons and more, it made a real impression on the judges. The team made it through to the final panel and presented brilliantly to the panel. Grandology certainly made their school very proud.