Taqaddam Future Ideas Spotlight – Egypt

Egypt Taqaddam competition day

Over a seven week period over a thousand students across 6 countries in the Middle East and North Africa worked with their teachers and with the Taqaddam online platform to develop their character strengths and soft skills. Alongside this students worked as teams to develop an innovative idea that would help solve a problem that they had identified regarding the environment, health or their community. Now, Spark+Mettle are showcasing some of the fantastic ideas that arose from each country.


Country: Egypt


School name: Maadi Canal School


Idea: Countering Teenage Addiction to Social Media


 The problem that this team wanted to address in their country was teenager addiction to social media. The team felt that teenagers waste too much valuable time on social media, so Team members Ali ElNaggar, Beshoy George, Hamed Hatem, Mohamed Zaki and Adham Nadar from Maadi Canal School came up with three practical solutions:


  1. The team made a phone app that makes socialising with friends or family into a game! The more time the user spends with their loved ones the more points they earn. They can then share the points or the moment spent together with their friends and family. After a week or two of using the game, users will find out exactly how much fun it is to hang out with family and friends in real life, not just via social media.
  2. Secondly, the team thought of ways that they could encourage people to read books. They made a page on Instagram with the functionality of selling secondhand books. The team would buy books from people that have read them and sell them to other people for a cheaper price than in the shops. This way one book would go to a lot of people for a small cost. The book would then travel through a wonderful world of adventures through young people using the page.
  3. Lastly, the team proposed to set up a camp similar to Scouts. The boys feel that Scouts help people to be self-reliant and it supports an understanding and appreciation nature. They want to set up a similar programme which will incorporate a competition during the camp. They team also want to set up running and cycling events on Fridays and whoever wants to join would pay some money and a medal would be awarded for the winner.

Check out the Instagram page that the team made here.