Summer Hack #2: Boosting Two Social Enterprises


This week’s hackday saw some more wonderfully creative and energetic young people give up their time to develop their character strengths and soft skills and help out two social enterprises at the same time.

This week there was a choice between helping a social enterprise called Night Zookeeper and a social enterprise called Petit Miracles. Night Zookeeper is an edu-game that allows young learners to create animals and look after them in an online zoo enabling them to express themselves creatively and Petit Miracles upcycles unwanted furniture, lovingly restoring it to its former glory.

Both these social enterprises needed help in different ways. Night Zookeeper wanted some insights as to how to make an educational game as fun and as exciting as possible whilst Petit Miracles wanted some help with their marketing to increase the number of people who visit their shop which is tucked away on the top floor of a shopping centre.

The team was split up into two smaller groups who each chose a brief to work on.  Everyone was really enthusiastic about the challenges set and got down to work straight away trying to make their team’s presentation the best. Throughout the day both groups worked really hard and came up with some fantastic creative and innovative solutions to the challenges assigned to them.

Once again, at the end of the day the teams got the chance to present their ideas to their clients. Each presentation lasted about 15 minutes, but this wasn’t enough time to squeeze all their ideas in so after the official presentations the clients from each social enterprise stayed behind to chat with the teams some more about their ideas.

We had some fantastic responses from the social enterprises who are both going to stay in touch with their team and really loved the imagination behind the ideas and the fact that both teams gave them suggestions they could implement straight away as well as some ideas they can work towards in the future.

But they’re not the only ones who had a worthwhile day; the young people had some great things to say about it too.  They particularly liked ‘having time to properly explore ideas’ and ‘talking to participants about their work in social issues and enterprises’.  As usual, lunch proved a popular time to network with other like minded young people!

To round the day off, the groups worked together to create a collective sound for a new (imagined) species of animal called Aquaeous Bubloba, affectionately known as ‘Bubbles.’

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