Summer Hack #3: Student Ninja x Style Icona



This week we worked with two very different companies. Think Productive work with a range of bodies and organisations to run productivity workshops. Style Icona on the other hand is a brand new fashion app launching in September for fashionable girls in the making.

Graham, founder of Think Productive is writing a follow up book to How to be a Productivity Ninja called Student Ninja. In this book he wants to transfer the principles from business productivity to the realm of students and learning. He wanted some insights from students about the content of the book and to some up with a marketing strategy that he could put into practice. Style Icona needed help in developing a marketing technique that used creativity, analytical thinking and social metrics to gain exposure and increase downloads of the app. As a startup business they were looking for a solution that was effective, scalable and had a lower user acquisition cost.

We split the day into two and worked on Think Productive’s brief in the morning and Style Icona’s in the afternoon. The team came up with some great ideas during their discussion time. It was particularly insightful to find out how everyone goes about procrastination (yes, we all do it!) and the psychology behind it. To find out more, you’ll have to read the book! We came up with great ideas for Style Icona’s marketing too which was especially helped by our very own fashionista in the room.

The team got some good feedback on their ideas, which will hopefully be put into practice very soon!

Written by Alex Ashton-Cobb