Star Track’s back!


The Star Track Fellowship programme is for aspiring 18–24 year olds across the UK and it runs from January to June 2016.

It is particularly great for young people who:

  1. Have no idea what career they should be going for and need a little bit of help figuring it all out.
  2. Do know the general direction they want to go in career-wise but are lacking the guidance, confidence, networks and/or resources to help them get there.

Star Track is geared to help them find the next steps of their journey, identify their strengths and skills, as well as introduce them to a network of awesome people that can help them get closer to their dream career. We also throw in some paid work opportunities, like our collaboration with Bracket and Channel Four.

What’s more, many of our alumni have gone on to achieve great things:

Speaking at a TEDx event | Starting own business/social enterprises | Working for big companies and organisations, such as Virgin, Burberry, YPlan, BBC and BAFTA | Working in local government positions

To find out more or apply for the Star Track Fellowship, please click here.