Star Track ‘PLAY’ Social @ Ziferblat

ziferblat social
To celebrate the mid-point of the first semester of Star Track 2016, we spent an evening chilling together at the Ziferblat. It was a venue tucked away in the heart of Shoreditch with a ‘tree house for grown-ups’ feel to it. There were lots of board games, great snacks and brilliant company, as ever!

Although the intention was for us to spend the evening engaging in playwe ended up spending more time fully engaged in conversations about life, our futures and even Donald Trump’s dubious hair (and politics). It was good to be in a room surrounded by people who were willing to both share and listen and I left feeling energised.

I’m looking forward to other Star Track-related socials so that there are more opportunities to learn from others around me, both co-creators and professionals alike.
Written by Elsie Dinha