Spark+Mettle X The Who Cares? Trust | Workshop 1

who cares trust
Following on from our awesome workshop planning sessions, delivery judgement day descended upon us last week. A quick prop-free run through was had at HQ before we packed up the resources (and the doughnuts) and headed forth to the Who Cares Trust. 
It was important to us that we kept a certain air of mystery around the activities we had planned for the session. Which, for an incessant talker like myself, proved to be slightly tricky at times. But we held firm in our impromptu motto of the night: all will be revealed soon. And what a revelation the evening was. 
Things were kicked off with a very loud round of Me and My Animal, an ice breaker with a zoological twist. We had not only meerkats and tigers present, but a mythological creature in our midst. The opening set the tone perfectly for a session that provided not only the delivery of key soft skills but also of hilarity. We attempted to get to the heart of the three skills of the evening—team player, relationship builder, effective communicator—and spent a large portion of the evening thinking about not only how we already possess these skills, but how we can develop and apply them going forward. That’s not to say that it was a classroom-lite environment: There were tales of homeless kleptomaniac princesses, accusations of egg parachute foul play and perhaps the most heated discussion of the night—just what key skill does Taylor Swift represent?
I’m sure I’m not speaking out of place by saying that the workshop was thoroughly enjoyed by all involved. Stories were told enthusiastically, cookies were shared and there was a palpable sense of success in the air. It set the tone for future events brilliantly. The benchmark has been placed and I can’t wait to do it all again.
Written by Amy Whitear
Check out our awesome video below for the highlights or our pretty Flickr album.