[LISTEN] Spark+Mettle Mixtape Vol. 1: #BlueForWhat

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 We don’t know what it is about January, but often it can seem like a long, hard slog. Perhaps it’s because many of us are going back to school, uni or work after some time offoften on dark, chilly days. Or maybe it’s because by the second week of January, most of us have probably forgotten any hope-fuelled resolutions we might have made and are living off tins of value baked beans, since any money we might have had magically blew away sometime between pay day and the January sales. We can’t quite pinpoint it.

Nevertheless, this is why Spark+Mettle is all about boosting positive emotions in January (and beyond!); this year, we asked our co-creators to pick some of their happiest tunes to help us make a playlist guaranteed to make you smile. We hope you like it.