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How you look online is really important. We’re talking about what you post as well as how you pose. So here are some tips crowdsourced from our super-savvy online community. Got anything to add? Tell us via FacebookTwitter or email.

  1. Make sure you look as presentable online as you would when attending an interview. Potential employers might well look you up on Facebook—so check your privacy settings and if your profile pic shows you doing something you wouldn’t do in front of a boss in real life, maybe think about changing it…
  2. Are you on Twitter? Aside from celebrity gossip, strange cat photos, and life-affirming quotes, it has a ton of super-useful information from organisations and professionals. If you “follow” the organisations you would like to work for, you’ll often be the first to see job vacancies. And you’ll also be able to stay on top of what they’re thinking, reading and talking about. It’s not easy to navigate to begin with, so here’s a useful starter guide. Then come find us:
  3. There are now lots of online platforms for you to show your CV or portfolio. Set yourself on at least one of the following (they’re all free):
    • Discoverables takes a game-based approach to helping young people prove and improve the strengths and skills that can significantly increase their well-being, success and fulfilment both in work and life generally. The tools developed by candidates are also a visually compelling accompaniment to a traditional CV.
    • LinkedIn: This is the most established platform to showcase your CV and connect with other professionals.
    • A neat and cool online business card, you can post a large image and a quick summary of who you are and what you do, plus links to your online presence.
    • Behance: As a designer, illustrator or an all-round superstar creative—you may want to consider this nifty little site, which provides an awesome space for you to create your very own online portfolio.
    • Re.Vu: We would say that Re.Vu is the happy medium between About.Me and Vizualize.Me. Its aim is to help you redesign your CV into something altogether visually compelling and original. Similarly, you can use information from your LinkedIn profile to create your profile, which saves time and energy!
  1. If you are passionate about something, don’t tell people that you are, show them. One great way to do this is to set up a blog or microblog. A blog (such as WordPress) is great if you’re a good writer and want to showcase your talents there. Microblogging platforms (such as Tumblr) are perfect for people who want to post a mix of media (videos, images, podcasts, links) as well as short written posts too. Go get you one and show the world what you love.
  2. Do you have the gift of the gab? If so, you may prefer to express yourself by creating video blogs on platforms such as Youtube and Vimeo.  What’s more, you can do these straight from the comfort of your own bedroom—score!
  3.  Are you a musician?  Because there are all kinds of sites designed to showcase the work of up-and-coming stars like yourself!  Try MySpace, Soundcloud, or Bandcamp.
  4. Spokeo is a useful resource that gathers and lists all your social networking whereabouts in one place.  Think of it as search engine for people who have a great online presence— i.e. you!
  5. Finally, use all of this to your advantage! Social media has made organisations and individuals much more connected and accessible. Tweet, tumble and message the people you want to connect with – it doesn’t take long, and if you’re creative you might grab their attention! And if you need advice on how to approach professionals, get in touch.