RESOURCES | Applying for jobs


Looking for work isn’t easy—but hang on in there and check out some of our top tips on how to grab that next great position:

1. Find out more about the company. If you like them and really want to work for them, then find out more about them! Fill out something like this little cheat sheet; look on their website, follow them on Twitter, get to know what they are up to, or if they are in the news (Google them!). Be sure to use this information where relevant in your application and remember it for your interview. Take a peek at our Research Tips too.

2. Check out the team members—who they are and what they do, on the company website and/or on LinkedIn. If you show enthusiasm about them and their work, it may help you to make a good connection in the company, which is helpful even if you don’t end up getting the job. They may get in touch with you about future opportunities within the company, or even within other similar organisations.

3. Be wary of the fact that they may also be doing their research on YOU. Google yourself and make sure that there are no public pictures/videos on Facebook, Youtube, etc. that could potentially embarrass you. Review your privacy settings and be sure that you look professional. Check out our You, Online guide for more information.

4. Talk to people! People are a great resource and many will be willing to share their experiences with you and point you to potential opportunities. What’s more, keep an eye on Eventbrite for any relevant events where you could network with people from the industry you are interested in. Add and message those you have connected with on LinkedIn afterwards to keep in touch.

If you’d like more help, Spark+Mettle CEO and Founder Eugenie has written a great article on job hunting and we have some fab tips on making the perfect CV here.