Remembering the summer



So what did you do this summer? We spent it running our Summer Ideas Hack Series. Once a week we met up with different companies or social enterprises in need! And what were they in need of? Young people, of course! So throughout the course of the summer we brought a wide range of young people and companies together.

The aim of the day for the young people was to provide experiences and chances for development of skills, that can all be added to portfolios and written on CVs. We aimed to provide answers to some of those tricky interview questions  too, such as ‘describe a time when you worked effectively as part of a team’ or ‘ describe a time when you had to use your persuasive skills’.  The hack days also proved to be a  great opportunity for networking, not only with companies but with other like minded people.

No part of the day was artificial. These were real companies who were facing real challenges and wanted real input from young people to help them address these issues. Week one saw us reimagining an ice cream parlour, where as in week two we worked with two social enterprises, one upcycles furniture and the other boosts kids’ creativity through online games. In week three we were giving tips on being student ninjas and how to democratise the world of fashion through a revolutionary new app. We kept the fashion theme in week four when we worked with another fashion app looking to monetise their great ideas and a company that provides much needed help to retail, fashion and consumer start-ups. In our last week we travelled to a vegan restaurant to help make vegan food the new sexy.

We had one super busy summer, and as the weather is currently rubbish it feels like the summer has come to an end. Sigh.

Written by Alex Ashton-Cobb

Photo by Kazvare Knox