Plug In | Trinity Lewisham


One sunny day in July, Spark+Mettle were invited to run Plug In workshops to 73 awesome young people in Year 10 at Trinity Lewisham School, South London.

Our Plug In workshops are based on our nine character strengths which we see as being integral to flourishing and building happy lives. Our approach is ‘in and out’—the young people take the information in; they look within themselves to identify and address their own strengths; then they look out, to see how they can apply these to real-life situations and the world around them.

Trinity Lewisham chose to focus on Mettle, Positive Emotions and Purpose—all super relevant strengths needed for any young person preparing to enter Year 11 in a few months’ time. In true Spark+Mettle style, we loaded the day with challenges, games and laughter-inducing shenanigans—who said learning has to be boring?

We got some great feedback too. One young person shared that the workshop was ‘inspiring’, whilst another said that it ‘has made me think about my future more’ and another still commented that ‘after doing this workshop I want to always remember how valuable my life is.’

If you are interested in finding out more about our Plug In Workshops, please contact our Programme Manager, Anna Rowlands.


 Written by Kate Fahy