Pizza-making with co-creators

pizza making

January continues to be the month that we are zealous about putting the flour in flourishing. This year, we decided to combine our efforts with the launch of the Star Track Fellowship programme. We embarked on an afternoon of dough-tossing and pizza-making at Pizza Express.

It was a brilliant opportunity to get co-creators, Agents and Coaches mixing together in a pretty relaxed setting. Nicole (21) shared that ‘it was really great to meet people in person and hear about what they have done and what they want to do. I also found out that I’m pretty good at making pizza.’ Result. Similarly, Rasheeda (23) said that the day ‘was a great start to networking, meeting the Spark+Mettle team, and hearing about people’s backgrounds. I loved the diversity. I also created a pizza masterpiece.’ 

The afternoon was full of positive emotions and positive relationships. There was also lots of talk about where the co-creators hoped they would be, several months from now. Nyasha (19) added that she wants to have ‘a clearer sense of self-direction towards a career, grow in agency by launching my entrepreneurial ideas on the side and improve the skills which will serve me well in future professional settings. Being on a motivating fellowship with others will inspire me to reach for my goals.’

We cannot wait to see where the Star Track Fellowship takes these awesome co-creators. If their pizza-making skills are anything to go by, they will be just fine!