#OnTheUpside: Kishan’s story


There was a moment last year when I was on top of the world. I felt excited that I had received five unconditional offers from various universities. I was so happy and surprised because I really had doubts that I would get into university with my A level qualifications from the previous year: a D in AS ICT and an E in A Level Government and Politics.

After much thought I ended up accepting a place at one particular university, which meant that I was guaranteed a place there. A few months later however, the university contacted me to say that they were going to withdraw the offer altogether. I couldn’t believe it; all the energy and positivity that I had completely vapourised into thin air. I was now at rock bottom.

I asked my sixth form to help me get into university or onto an apprenticeshipjust something to do for the next year. I remember them telling me that they can help with apprenticeships but told me not to waste my effort on getting into university. With that underwhelming vote of confidence, I decided to take it on the chin and take responsibility for myself. I decided to reach out to universities myself. I called several of them to ask them  if I was able to enroll onto their course, and got the same reply: “please phone again on results day and apply through clearing.” I stayed adamant that I wanted to succeed so I kept on contacting university after university, until I got accepted by one. Woohoo! At long last, I had triumphed. It is currently where I am studying and having a good time.

Despite being completely blindsided by the rejections and naysayers in positions of power, I am really thankful to now be where I am. I think it is where I am meant to be, even though it wasn’t originally part of my grand plan. I have enjoyed the first semester and the university is an easy commute from home. I am completely determined to prove to those who had doubts about me that they were wrong. I am going to be very successful.


Written by Kishan Patel

Kishan is a co-creator on the 2014-15 Star Track Fellowship Programme