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So last night was, like, SO fun. Over fifty people showed up for a stormer of a night that involved strange rounds of questioning, creative conundrums (or should that be conundra?), and various tests of physical skill, including a pancake flipping contest and an origami frog race.

Flippin hell... At #notpubquiz We had no idea what would happen, if it would work, and whether people would still want to be our friends. But judging from the feedback, people enjoyed themselves. Although the side-effect of making people’s brains hurt was unintentional. It was a night when the creative and the left-field took centre stage. We should perhaps have made it clearer right from the start that the key to doing well in This Is Not A Pub Quiz was to understand that general knowledge really got very little of a look in. Although, saying that, it was called This Is Not A Pub Quiz. A massive, massive well-done to the winning team, The Viscount & His Vixens of Villainy, and to the runners-up 3 Flippin’ Amigos.

In three hours we raised over £200—which is a fantastic tribute to all the people who came along and cheated/bribed/guessed their way through the whole palaver. We also have to thank the three judges, who were given the fearsome job of apportioning and accounting THOUSANDS of points. Gianni Bolemole (one of our co-creators) and Ped Parasmand (one of our trustees) were joined by the insanely creative and brilliant Will Hobson, author of The Household Box (which is an item that all wise and wonderful people should own). The Household Box was the key prize for the night, alongside some of Spark+Mettle’s own cards and wildflower seeds. Plus, of course, the kudos associated with such a win.

And you really should set aside 45 seconds to watch our super-quick-super-grainy-video-montage:

Some other highlights:

  • This Is Not Actually Possible
    • We learned that the most number of chainsaw juggling catches is a TERRIFYING 88.
    • We also learned that the fastest 100m hurdles wearing swim flippers is 14.82 seconds
  • This Is Not The Original Poster
    • A graphic designer reimagined some movie posters. We scrubbed them of all text, and got people to guess what they were. How would you do?
  • This Is Not About 101 Dead Cats
    • We asked people to come up with creative uses for a spoon. Particularly brilliant ideas included:
      • Flick peas at a judge at a pub quiz
      • Train as a spoon swallower
      • Ear plug rests
      • Shoe Horn
      • Wind chimes
      • Gerbil massager
      • Swimming pool for ants
      • Knighting a llama
      • Digging into jail
      • Humility mirror for attractive people
      • Oar for mice
  • This Is Not A Real Meta Question
    • We asked the teams to come up with novel fundraising ideas for Spark+Mettle, that would cost less than £300 to put on. Some of the less, um, adult  answers we feel we can include here are:
      • Anti-busking—they pay you up to £100 to stop playing
      • Make a viral video
      • Make an app [we are ON it]
      • Space Hopper race through London
      • Children’s Games (Hopskotch etc) for grown-ups
      • Sponsored flashmob
      • Silent disco
      • Collect bits of string (money for old rope…)
      • Sponsored “S&M” night—ahem, that’s a Sausage & Mash eating competition…
  • This Is Not An Ordinary Object
    • For our second picture round, we asked people, in vain, to figure out what these objects are. Can you tell? Some clues…
      • One is known as an ‘emasculator’.
      • One stops you from going to sleep.
      • One is often used by taxidermists.
  • This Is Not The Dictionary Game
    • Abecedarian literally means someone who is learning the alphabet.
    • Tarantism is the urge to overcome melancholy by dancing.
    • Jumentous means to smell of horse urine.
  • This Is Not A New Idea
    • Windscreen wipers and Crayola crayons were both invented in 1903.
    • The computer mouse was invented in 1964.
    • Post-it Notes were invented to avoid tearing the pages of hymnals in the 1970s.
  • This Is Not The Punchline
    • We gave the first line, teams came up with the punchline, to the following:
      • What did the judge say to the skunk?
      • How do crazy people go through a forest?
      • What do you call a man who likes to roll in leaves?
      • What did the painter say to the wall?
      • Why don’t skeletons fight?

If you’ve got ideas for rounds for our next This Is Not A Pub Quiz, tell us about them!

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