Meet Kate Mettle

kateblog post

I first came across Spark+Mettle at their epic Flourish Fest in 2012. I followed them on Twitter and it wasn’t until 2014, when I decided to have a career change, that I freed up some time to get involved with the charity. I signed myself up to be an Agent for the amazing Star Track programme, which I strongly recommend as it’s such a rewarding experience for both Agents and co-creators.

 I enjoyed working with the team so much that I stayed, and I’m now the new Projects Officer!

The best thing about working for Spark+Mettle is that you get to meet wonderful people from all walks of life so I’m super looking forward to that. I’m also hoping to learn more about working for a charity as well as simply having fun and supporting young people in growing confident in themselves through workshop based training.

 Creativity and Mettle were two of my key skills from the Discoverables Survey and I intend to use these to inspire and excite as well as push through any challenges we encounter as a team.