Marta’s Journey through Star Track


My name is Marta and I’m a student and co-creator. Before Star Track I was in my first year of university, suffering from bouts of depression and struggling with perfectionism—wondering if I had made the right choice of degree, and whether I should take a year out. I applied to Star Track because I wanted to know what my ideal career would be. I hoped to gain soft skills relating to employment, as well as improving my strengths.

My hopes were fulfilled through Star Track because I managed to get in touch with people within the field of curating and I have a plan for the next five years. I know what I want to do and how to get there. I feel empowered by the experience and it was a journey I couldn’t have done without Star Track, yet I feel I had a lot of agency throughout.

Now that I know that I want to become a curator of Japanese art, I will stay in uni to finish my degree, and I know what kind of people and internships to look out for. I think I’m also less harsh towards myself, and I feel more confident and sure of my strengths and skills. I am much more aware of things that hold me back—low self-esteem, perfectionism—and how to work past or around them.

Star Track is a truly amazing programme and it has changed my life.


Applications for the 2015–16 Star Track fellowship are now OPEN, More information can be found here.