Summer Hack #5: Making vegan food the new sexy


On Wednesday we met up with another group of talented young people to help out Greenz restaurant. The idea of the day was to provide a real life brief for the participants to work. One of the advantages of participating is of course that you have ready made answers to those tricky job interview questions: ‘explain a time when you worked effectively as part of a team’, ‘give me an example of when you gave an effective presentation’, ‘give an example of when you used lateral thinking or came up with innovative and creative responses to a problem’.

Greenz is a vegan restaurant in Tulse Hill. They support people adopting healthier lifestyles through serving delicious dishes inspired by their travels around the world and Caribbean heritage at lunch time and in the evening. They also offer a takeaway service if you’re in a hurry.  But that’s not all; they run cookery classes and lifestyle workshops too.

Greenz is working on its first series of cookery books, the first of which uses red lentils as the main protein source. For the first challenge they wanted some help from our enthusiastic young people with the marketing of the book and what activities and events they would organise to help promote it. The restaurant is also looking to expand their customer base and for our second challenge we were tasked with creating a strategy using social media and the restaurant’s immediate vicinity to attract new customers.

We had all day to collaborate and be creative with our ideas. The delicious drinks kindly donated by Roots and Bulbs most definitely helped us along! There were some really fantastic ideas put forward and Ermine, the owner of Greenz was really impressed. She especially loved the ideas we came up with for redesigning the menu. We even had time to come up with a theme song for the restaurant which was “definitely a highlight” according one member of the group. Participants thought that “the day was full of great ideas and great vibes”.

Check out behind the scenes action here!


 Words and photograph by Alex Ashton-Cobb