Launching Star Track 2016

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Work isn’t work if you love what you do. Sounds cliché, but what if there was a way to join the inner circle of those who make a living from doing what they love? In 2016, we welcome our newest cohort onto the Star Track Fellowship who are on a journey to do just that.

Spark+Mettle may be a small potato, but we excel in connecting young adults to shake the hands of representatives from top industries and businesses including Virgin, Channel Four and Nominet Trust. For many who have completed the programme, this introduction has been the head start to come away with the skills, experience and mentoring needed to spark their career.

Many Star Track graduates have gone on to do amazing things. For instance, Seyi went from co-creator to one of the youngest Labour councillors in Newham; Isla launched her career in film at BAFTA Scotland and James went on to win the Mayor of London’s Low Carbon Entrepreneurs Award. No big deal.

We are excited to share similar stories in the coming months as this new cycle of Star Track kicks off.

One connection and one conversation can change everything.


Written by Francoise Macaly