Introducing our Cake Book


We have ventured into new territory by publishing a Cake Book full of delicious treats. We collaborated with super cooks Delia Smith and Charlotte Charlotte Pike to create this collection—along with some in-house family secrets from us and our awesome team of young people.

There is plenty of sugary goodness from Devastatingly Naughty Profiteroles to Delia Smith’s glorious Banana & Walnut Loaf. Delia states that this “recipe always makes me happy” and also shares her personal tip for a flourishing life in the Cake Book.

What is more, “one of the simplest ways to lift your spirits is to do something for someone else,” says Spark+Mettle founder, Eugenie Teasley. “By baking and sharing with friends, family or colleagues, you can spread a little cheer and bolster your own mood too.”

Spark+Mettle co-creator Laurell Milton was happy to contribute a recipe to the collection, as she affirms that baking “keeps me smiling and my creative juices flowing.”

The Cake Book marks three years since Spark+Mettle has been putting the flour into flourishing and we are still convinced that there’s no more enjoyable way to flourish than through camaraderie and cake.

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