Interning at Spark+Mettle


As I write this, my time as Spark+Mettle has come to an end. What an inspiring journey this has been. I had promised myself that I would use this opportunity to understand what it was like to work as part of a small organisation with big dreams. It has been a humbling experience to watch a great team work tirelessly to bring those dreams to fruition!

Most of my tasks revolved around publicity for Spark+Mettle and providing a helping hand where needed to the rest of the team, especially with the official launch of Taqaddam in February. I had a vague idea of what my responsibilities would be before I started but things became clearer when I started; I wasn’t just there to do ‘my fair share’ of work, I was to be a helping hand to the team.

I really enjoyed being part of an intimate team—we worked closely together. It made my job easier knowing that I could not only ask for help but receive it from any member of the team. It helped that there was always a friendly and open vibe in the office; we found ourselves comfortably sharing any struggles we were facing or anything good that we had experienced each week. I found that it made a difference in how well everyone worked together. It was great to be able to touch base with what my strengths were in terms of soft skills and figure out how to tackle any weaknesses—knowing that everyone in the office was happy to listen and advise.

My time at Spark+Mettle has also taught me a lot about character strengths and soft skills; their importance in the world of work and role in leading a fulfilling life. I’ve also learned that there is a great need to better prepare young people for their dream careers by not focusing solely on academic achievement. There is so much more to success than this.

I just want to use my last few words to shout-out the team. Guys, this experience wouldn’t have been what it was for me had it not been for you all. I appreciate you all and thank you for little nuggets of wisdom, for lending an ear, music recommendations and just generally providing a super positive environment that I could be myself in. I’m grateful you gave me room to complete my tasks and let my personality through.

What an inspiring journey indeed.

P.S. Because of Spark+Mettle, I’m now basically a semi-pro knitter, so you know who to come to for your multi-coloured scarves!


Written by Elsie Dinha