Importance of Collaboration and Ideas Generation


Over the past few weeks we’ve been collaborating with various companies, social enterprises and groups of young people on our Summer Ideas Hack Series. The idea is to help generate ideas for these businesses. But why is collaboration such an important skill?

Well, according to an article in the Huffington Post 75% of businesses felt that being able to collaborate was an important skill to have in 2013. There are so many more people in the supply chain of work than before; nothing is straightforward. And each person or company within this supply chain brings their own ideas, usually communicated in a language specific to their sector. This can readily lead to confusion and mistakes so collaboration is essential to work effectively. Businesses now often span time zones and continents. Imagine if there was no collaboration? There would be no business.

Collaboration is a very effective way of generating ideas too.  Often people find they are ‘too involved’ in a project to come up with innovative solutions to any challenges they might be facing. This is where collaborating with others can really help. They won’t have the same involvement as you and because of this they will see things in ways you hadn’t seen before, which will lead to ideas that you hadn’t even considered before. Collaboration has even changed the workplace into a culture of innovation. And this culture is exactly what businesses need. The market place is flooded with good ideas and it can be hard to make your idea heard but a new and creative marketing campaign, for example, will help your product or service stand out.

Collaboration is a social activity according to Forbes Magazine which comes from generosity, sharing and openness. Having the skills necessary to collaborate can only be an advantage in today’s job market.


Written by Alex Ashton-Cobb