Happy New Year, Happy New Interns


What better way to start the New Year than with some awesome new interns? Technically speaking, they may have been around since the end of 2015 but we didn’t want our shout-out to get lost in the sea of festivities. So now that we can guarantee them the spotlight—here they are, Elsie Dinha and Tee Kanogoyiwa!

Elsie Dinha

At the start of 2015 while writing my dissertation, I made the decision to make the next year one full of action, taking strides towards the person I wanted to become. So, a month before my year of action ends and the next begins I land an internship with Spark+Mettle, an opportunity I promised to capture with both hands if it ever presented itself. I am now a Publicity Officer intern, an opportunity to bring Spark+Mettle to people and help to provide young people with the tools needed to develop and showcase their character strengths and soft skills. 

As a new year and new job is upon me I look forward to building positive relationships both within the team and the people we will be working with to bring Spark+Mettle to a bigger audience, building my confidence through taking on new challenges and helping others do the same plus more.

Whilst I’m here, my hopes are that I’ll observe and become familiar with the way Spark+Mettle uses workshops and events to help young people to build character strengths and soft skills. I’m also hoping to meet all the deadlines and tasks set by the team.


Tee Kanogoyiwa

My name is Tanyaradzwa (so you may understand why I go by Tee). I have just graduated university with an economics and politics degree. I enjoy helping young people realise that they are capable of achieving anything they put their mind to.

During my three years of university, I was apart of a society called Enactus. Enactus is a community of students, academics and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to transform lives and shape a more sustainable world. My team and I managed to tackle issues faced by underprivileged local youth in Jaywick using business principles and the power of sport. Due to our unique approach of using sports and business principles, we were the winners of the EY Empowering Youth UK Competition 2014-15 for most effective entrepreneurial action.

In my spare time I enjoy going to the gym and listening to spoken word artists. I also support Arsenal FC and so naturally I don’t enjoy Manchester United fans.

By the end of my internship, I want to have delivered a workshop in which my fellow co-creators feel they are better equipped when they have to deliver a presentation. I also want to have a meaningful impact on the team and a greater understanding of how important soft skills and character strengthens when pursuing life goals.


We hope you’ll join us in officially welcoming Elsie and Tee to the team—we’re expecting great things!