Summer Hack #4: Delving into the fashion world


This week we not only delved into the fashion world, we also welcomed Kyle and Jade from Lonely Dreamers to film all the action. All of the wonderful young people who joined us this week were either interested in fashion marketing as a career or had studied a related degree at uni. This meant that the day proved to be a really useful experience for them, as they left with something to add to their portfolios and met some pretty cool people too.

The two companies joining us this week and looking for some different perspectives on their products were ASAP54 and TrueStart. ASAP54 is a revolutionary fashion app that allows you to take a sneaky peak into what your friends and fashion muses are searching for online. It combines a social fashion community and the latest visual recognition technology to instantly connect you with that must-have item. TrueStart is an investment hub designed to support innovation in the retail, consumer and fashion industry. They provide cash investment, office space, access to their programme, mentorship, legal and account services and access to their network of some of the world’s leading retailers to any start-up that wants to break the mould.

ASAP54 were looking for ways to monetise their app whilst adhering to their original design. They needed to know how other fashion apps are generating revenue, how this could be applied to their app without degrading the user experience and how to generate in-app revenue. TrueStart, on the other hand wanted some inspiration as to where to find these exciting new companies they look to help and details on how best to reach out to them via a marketing campaign.

We split the group into two teams which gave everyone sufficient time to work in detail upon their chosen brief. Everyone got down to work straight away and kept really focused on the task in hand (especially helped by a delicious pizza lunch!). By the end of the day the two teams had produced some really professional presentations and the representatives from both companies left with some innovative and creative solutions to their problems.

Infact, the day proved such a success that some of the participants were “keen for more of these fashion focused events in the future”. They also said that it was “very interesting” and great fun! What a great result!


Words, photograph and video by Alex Ashton-Cobb