Summer Hack #1: Reimagining an Ice Cream Parlour


Wednesday marked the first Hack Day in our Summer Ideas Hack Series, and what a great start it was! A lovely sunny day, a great brief to be working on (who doesn’t like ice cream?) and some fantastic young people looking to develop their character strengths and soft skills.

An ice cream parlour looking to reopen very soon in north London wanted some fresh ideas on how to best market their brand and the relaunch of the company. They needed some new and creative ideas that came straight from the consumer (our team), who were consulted on all aspects of the relaunch from ice cream flavours and shop design to promotions and advertising.

After some quick introductions and a ‘getting to know each other’ session we got down to some hard work. The current Head of Marketing for the ice cream parlour, the lovely Sue, went over the brief, the history of the company and what she hoped would be achieved by the end of the day. We divided the experience up into two parts; in the morning we focused on re-designing the interior of the shop and in the afternoon, coming up with a social media advertising campaign. The rest of the day was spent researching, collaborating, generating and refining ideas.

At the end of a hard day’s work the team presented their fantastic ideas to Sue who was really impressed with their knowledge and enthusiasm of social media marketing and the team’s ideas concerning the design of the shop and overall ‘look and feel’ were met with enthusiasm from the company. The team have even been invited to the pre-launch press party!

What’s more, the team got loads out of it; one participant said that the day was ‘rad and I genuinely learnt a lot about presenting my ideas for a commercial brand.’ Another said  ‘[I really enjoyed] the people, the vibe, the purpose and the flow of creativity.’

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Written by Alex Ashton-Cobb