Giving Pep-talks to Young Children

pep talk

Spark+Mettle and The Dreamers’ Supply Company visit The Knee High Project – a venture that aims to improve social and educational opportunities for children under the age of 5.

Educational inequality is at an all time high in the UK at the moment. Research has shown that this disparity often begins at early ages. There is increased negative language heard at home, due to the emotional and financial stress that parents are often under. This is especially true in certain boroughs of our bright and busy capital – boroughs such as Southwark and Lambeth, where poverty and cultural clashes contribute to an all round lack of social mobility.

The Knee High Project is a new venture that works with families with children under 5 in these two boroughs, addressing the disadvantages faced by young children at an early age by improving their wellbeing and development with new and creative learning methods.

Spark+Mettle and the Dreamers’ Supply Company  joined up with the Knee High Project last week to run a pep-talk puppet making workshop. We had children as young as three come in to exercise their imaginations! After designing and naming their own puppets, we encouraged the children and their parents to come up with slogans for their new friends, and to use them as positive reinforcement tools at home.

Aside from proving that toddlers can be creative geniuses, it shows how they can flourish when given a free and open environment to work in. The words “no” and “don’t” weren’t allowed during the session – only creative encouragement and positive emotions. It also shows that we all have a little kid inside of us just waiting to come out – the picture below shows that we grown-ups really got into the creative spirit as well!

The Knee High Project is currently in a research phase and is running creative design workshops with children. Check out their cute little store at Gabriel’s Wharf on the South Bank for more fun family events.