Work Placements

We want to help our co-creators find work placements within brilliant, progressive organisations. Organisations who think about their employees beyond their profit margins and who are excited about diversifying their talent pool.

There’s been a lot of attention in the press recently about a number of organisations who have been offering unpaid work placements and internships. The “Workfare” scheme has received short shrift, and the negative publicity has discouraged businesses and charities from sticking with it. We are firm advocates that all placements and internships should be paid—at least minimum wage and preferably the Living Wage. Even though many charities survive by having unpaid interns support their work, we refuse to do so. We believe, fundamentally, that opportunities for unpaid work placements perpetuate the social divide: providing opportunities for those who can afford to do it, and scuppering opportunities for those who can’t.

This means we are extremely excited to begin building a collection of forward-thinking organisations who will be recognised as supporting social equality and inclusion by providing a two-week paid work placement for one of our co-creators. And we are so confident in the calibre of our young people,  that we feel they will be able to contribute meaningfully to the organisations in which they work, and create something that will be useful.

For SMEs and other organisations who do not have a formal placement, internship or work-experience system in place, the Spark+Mettle team are happy to help set one up, and liaise with the organisation about the co-creator on the placement. We are also excited to support our young people take on their own project during the placement, which could include:

  • creating a short video or other media
  • creating a work placement/experience package for future young people
  • conducting some research on behalf of the organisation (including around young people’s opinions on a particular issue or item)
  • setting up or reviewing the organisations’s social media presence
  • developing an environmental and sustainability policy or other document

Our first campaign around the enlightened organisations offering work placements received garnered national press attention through The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Scotsman as well as in many local papers too. We are keen to champion the organisations  who are supporting our young people to show that, with the right approach, it’s not hard to make a positive impact. It’s not just good for society, it’s good for business too.

We are particularly looking for organisations in the following sectors:

  • Accountancy
  • Advertising
  • Arts
  • Ecology
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Environmental banking
  • Environmental management
  • Fashion design and retail
  • History
  • International development
  • Law
  • Media
  • Motor racing
  • Museums
  • Music industry
  • Politics

If you would like to discuss the possibility of hiring one of our co-creators for a two-week work placement, please email Kazvare: