From Star Track To BAFTA


Isla is one of our co-creators from the 2013/14 Star Track Programme. She is now working for BAFTA Scotland and we caught up with her to see how she’s finding it.

Can you tell us a little bit about your current role?

I am the Assistant at BAFTA Scotland and my role is as diverse as it is…diverse. Primarily, I assist our Director, Events Producer and Awards Producer in Scotland. My main roles include building and maintaining our BAFTA membership, website coding/updating, social media, accounts, graphic design and then working on our awards and events that we hold all year round. There is never a quiet period and we’re always busy! Oh and I attend screenings with our members every Tuesday and Thursday, free films, perks of the job.

What is the most exciting aspect of your work?

The people that I get to meet. I’ve met some incredible people since starting this job and when you meet them you have your “workface” on but it’s only afterwards when you’re walking home later that you think – that was Oprah…I just met Oprah!

What motivates you and brings out the best in you at work?

The opportunities and progression from here motivates me. Seeing the amazing work that gets done everyday on film motivates me so that one day, instead of giving out BAFTAs, I might be the one receiving them.

What are your strategies for balancing the demands of work with those of your personal life?

It’s really difficult. I’ll be honest when you start working you don’t realise HOW difficult it’s going to be, especially working in the entertainment industry because you are on the go all the time, day and night and day and night again every night of the week. Those cheeky weekends lazing by the couch become a thing of the past because you need to show face at an event, a problem arises and you have to be the one to fix it, the weekend waits for no one and you can’t wait for the weekend. The best strategy I have is to remember that you have to make time for your personal life in order to really have a life. A change is better than a rest so even if you’re tired after work go and see your friends because their faces make a welcome change from the computer screen. It’s tough though and a constant balancing act but the rewards are worth it.

What have you experienced and learned about working with others?

Treat people how you would want to be treated on the way up because it’ll be an awfully rocky fall on the way down if you don’t. Everyone is prone to stumbling, so if you’re good to people they’ll catch you by the arm and help you stand up straight again.

What does flourishing mean to you?

To do really well but more than that; to improve on yourself. Everyone has room to grow. Even if you’ve been working for 20 years we should always strive to flourish.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?

Working in the film industry primarily in production. Working for BAFTA has opened doors to sections of the industry I might not have considered in the past. I want to make the kind of films that people can’t help but talk about but failing that if I never achieve my dream I want to at least look down the lens of a camera and say I’ve done a good job.


Photograph by Laura Thorne