Film On Your Phone 2015: The Lowdown


Summer 2015. Enter 18 vibrant young people with smart phones at the ready. Fill them with some Spark+Mettle magic, lots of filmmaking wisdom, sprinkle everything with fun and hey presto—The Film On Your Phone Summer Project.

The Film On Your Phone Summer Project took place from Wednesday 5th August until Friday 14th August 2015. A group of creative and determined young people from Somerstown (London Borough of Camden) collaborated over the course of two weeks to bring to life Spark+Mettle’s nine character strengths on film—using their very own camera phones.

They were given the opportunity to work in teams and learn the basics of filmmaking—from interpreting a brief, to storyboarding, filming techniques and post-production.

And when all the hard work was done, we premiered their mini masterpieces at a special screening at The Hospital Club—an exclusive members’ club in Central London.

We’ve collected some of the best bits for your viewing pleasure below…