Exciting New Partnership with Careershifters


Careershifters change lives. Having gathered some of the leading experts on career change, they’ve proudly crafted a formula that’s helped thousands of people to make successful shifts into new jobs, supporting them at every stage of their journeys. Careershifters specialises in helping professionals navigate the trickiest parts of career change: figuring out what they really want to do (when they have no idea or too many ideas); overcoming the fear of making a shift; and finding a job when they have little experience in the sector or field they want to move into. They do this through a number of fantastic programmes, workshops and courses to teach new skills and properly equip individuals to make positive changes. This is just one of the reasons we’re thrilled to have partnered with them for a very special project. 

Careershifters has donated £1200 to Spark+Mettle, which will be used towards the costs of running the Star Track Fellowship. This collaboration is thanks to their Pioneer Course, an eight-week programme to help participants get unstuck and into motion with their shift.

“We believe the education system hasn’t caught up with the new world of work. As such, what Spark+Mettle does is vitally important.” says founder Richard Alderson. “Through our partnership, we want to play a small part in helping young people make powerful career choices. Our aim is to make this initial project a kicking off point for a more involved relationship between our two organisations.”

This is something that we’re incredibly excited about. We greatly admire Careershifters’ fantastic approach and energy, and are thrilled to partner with a company whose values tally so closely with our own. Careershifters describe themselves as being part of a movement of people, “who believe that having a career you love isn’t just possible, it matters.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.  

For more information on Careershifters, visit: www.careershifters.org


Photography courtesy of kioan