Evaluating The Spark+Mettle Impact

Spark+Mettle, Post It notes, thinking. These are a few of my favourite things. So being invited along to a couple of evaluation days for Spark+Mettle was basically Christmas in July for me. 
The aim of the impact evaluation days was relatively simple: what makes Spark+Mettle so brilliant and what can it do going forward to make it even more brilliant. Enter post it notes. Hours were spent dissecting the programmes offered by Spark+Mettle and the positive impact they have on the young people who participate. And lest you think we had a bright and breezy day, let me tell you that we were floored by the end of day one. Collectively we gave out and subsequently took in so much information that our heads were practically swimming. Did you know it is nigh on impossible to define ‘flourishing’ when you’re put on the spot?
And so the second day was almost militarily focused. Each of us walked in knowing exactly what needed to be achieved by the day’s end and I’m fairly confident that we have hit that mark. As a group, we looked at almost everything Spark+Mettle has done up to this point and came up with some rather brilliant ways to make it a million times better going forward. Spark+Mettle now has a much better way of tracking its impact and the programmes themselves are sure to flourish into full bloom following the evaluation days. Future cohorts are in for an amazing time.
Written by Amy Whitear
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