Dreaming up a shop with the help of the Design Museum and the RSA


We are INCREDIBLY excited to announce a forthcoming project supported by the Design Museum and the RSA. This spring will see us roll out a discreet project that we’re calling the Dreamers Supply Company:  a little store for anyone who wants to make their big idea a reality. For our pilot, we’re going to produce a range of exciting, high calibre and occasionally whimsical products co-created by aspirational young people from less privileged backgrounds and professional designers.

Teams will consist of one of our Star Track co-creators, a super-duper volunteer team manager and 2–3 other young people who could benefit from this project. In addition, with support from the RSA and the Design Museum’s Head of Retail Alice Marsh, the teams will have access to the ideas, knowledge and talents of professional designers, writers and others who are excited about the project.

Asides from producing a unique range of products that will be launched during the London Design Festival in September, we will also be producing “A Pocket Guide To Turning Your Future Dreams Into (Rather Unusual) Presents”  and some teaching materials for schools.

Eugenie Teasley, our founder and CEO, is a fellow of the RSA and has been generously awarded funding to initiate the first-stage of the project. She has hopes to scale it by eventually creating an online store, through which young people can dream up ideas and turn them into products and sell them.

“Spark+Mettle is all about helping people to flourish,” says Eugenie, “and one exciting way to do this is to put creative thinking into practice. And by collaborating within a diverse team, we’ll get to meet new people and learn new skills all at the same time. That’s something we love to encourage too.”

Eugenie came up with the idea for the Dreamers Supply Company after working at 826 Valencia in San Francisco, where she fell in love with the concept-driven, beautiful products that they made themselves and sold through their store.

“I love the idea that a pencil or a piece of wood can be repackaged and repurposed as something else,” she says. “I have unashamedly stolen their concept, and am repackaging it for Spark+Mettle qua aspirations agency!” she added.

There will be an initial brainstorming meeting in early March, followed by a small number of ‘make days’ to prototype, make, test and sell the products before the official launch in September. All events will be held in London. If you are interested in getting involved, please email Eugenie