Dreaming of custard

dreamers supply

This week’s post is written by guest blogger and leading Oneirologist Dr. Jebediah Snooze, BSc, MFA, PhD, Zzz.

Alexander Pope once wrote: “You eat, in dreams, the custard of the day.” Which is a very strange thing to write indeed. I believe his meaning was that our dreams present to us the thoughts, feelings, and experiences of our waking life, albeit in an altered manner. While this may be true from a strictly scientific standpoint, I prefer to believe (as a scientist) that at our best we take the essence, spark and imagination of our dreams and apply it to the daytime.

Our dream-realising project, the Dreamers’ Supply Company, is a way to engage young people and develop their creative, collaborative and entrepreneurial skills. It’s also an opportunity for creative professionals of all stripes to come together and flex their own thinking muscles. Having assembled both young people and professionals together, we set about dreaming up the most exciting products we could, and before long had developed such wonders as Inventor’s Oil and the Dream-Enhancing Kit.

Now, as we approach September when we’ll be selling the products through the Design Museum, we’re appealing to you to lend to Dreamers’ Supply Company. We need a little more help to get to where we’re headed, and realise our dreams. The rewards for you, of course, are not insubstantial. Alongside free gifts, a percentage of the sales and kudos, we’re offering to turn your big dream into a personalized work of art, from typographic prints to animated films. We believe big dreams should be rewarded in kind.

The money we make from selling the products will feed directly back into the charitable activities of Spark+Mettle, and will enable us to reach more young people, ignite more imaginations, and expand more horizons. I have been in the Oneirology game for more years than I care to count, and never have I seen an opportunity quite as exciting as this one – even in my dreams!

No amount of Oneirolgical qualification can compete with young people’s capacity for insight and creativity. At the risk of over-extending a gastronomic metaphor, our company intends to layer the custard of slumber all over the cheesecake of the day. And then we will share that dreamy cheesecake with everyone – including you. A more relevant quote for us than Mr. Pope’s, then, will be that of Yeats: “In dreams begin responsibilities.”

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