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Spark+Mettle is based in the vibrant city that is London and wonderful though we think it is, there are so many other truly awesome places in the world to experience! Of course, we believe in doing amazing things wherever you go, so here are five great ways* for you to see the world while doing some meaningful:

1- Winston Churchill Memorial Trust – The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust offers roughly 100 bursaries per year for people to go abroad with the aim of gaining wider experiences and bringing back the skills gained to enhance the life of their community on their return. The opportunities are open to every British citizen over 18. Check out this link for more information.

2- Gap Year Travelling – The standard view of a ‘Gap Yah’ as illustrated in this infamous video is not actually true! The reality is that you gain a huge amount of experience working, meeting new people and learning about other cultures first hand. A quick Google search on ‘gap years abroad’ will yield many results; for example, Real Gap provides you with potential places and opportunities for travel. Be sure to do your research before applying.

3- Volunteer/Work – The job market in the UK is at an all time low right now. So why not give yourself an excuse to explore opportunities in other parts of the world? Whether you want to visit Africa, America or Asia, organisations such as VSO and BUNAC offer volunteering opportunities in communities abroad.

4- Teach English – Teaching English abroad is becoming increasingly popular, and often doesn’t require any formal qualifications if you’re a native English speaker. You’ll need to check with individual organisations as to whether or not they require a qualification, but those that don’t usually provide some sort of training towards a TEFL. English First, for example, has teaching opportunities in India, China and Indonesia.

5- Year Here – An interesting way of seeing new places in your very own backyard is to do a gap year right here! Year Here offers graduates and school-leavers the chance to gain real work experience that makes a difference in London, and on the way you’ll see and experience the city in a way you never knew possible.

So what are you waiting for? Get on it and start a new adventure; after all, it’s better to travel when you’re young–lest you regret it later.

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*These organisations are not endorsed by Spark+Mettle and are simply some ideas for people with an interest in travelling abroad.