Co-creating Workshops

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The humble Post-it note. To some, it evokes memories of revision; for others, a way to remember whether it’s bread or milk that they need. But for Spark+Mettle? The Post-it is a sure sign that we’re up to something.

At the beginning of the month, I found myself back at Spark+Mettle HQ to cook up another awesome event. I was joined by recent cohort co-creator Tasmia and, together with Kazvare, we set the wheels in motion to create the most awesome of all events: a skills based workshop.

Kazvare sent out the cavalry call a few weeks back: two co-creators were needed to help envision, plan and deliver an interactive skills based workshop for the Who Cares Trust. Never able to resist the lure of some time at HQ (and some post its) I signed up immediately. My three years with Spark+Mettle have transformed my life, completely changing the way I think about both myself and the world.

I knew before going into our planning meeting that I had a million ideas and I knew—based on previous experience—that I would leave with a million more. And oh did I! During our two-hour session, the trio of myself, Tasmia and Kazvare was able to not only plan what is shaping up to be an incredible workshop but also somehow have enough ideas left over to maybe run twenty workshops concurrently.

Our focus was primarily on three core soft skills—team player, relationship builder and effective communicator. Employing the use of copious amounts of Post-its, an uncooperative white board, Spark+Mettle acquired knowledge and a healthy dose of bonkers (it is me, after all) we set about drawing up various activities that not only emphasise the importance of those three soft skills but also enhance several other skills, too. Cross-pollination of skills, if you will. (Which I will.)

I am ridiculously excited about getting the trio back together this week to solidify the workshop plans. But I’m even more excited about delivering the workshop next week. I have no doubt that the young people involved in the workshop will thoroughly enjoy the experience, as well as picking up a tidbit or two on how to boost their soft skills. It has been a privilege to be involved in this process.


Written by Amy Whitear

Amy is a co-creator from the 2012/13 Star Track programme