Cherish’s Journey through Star Track

Cherish's story image

My name is Cherish and my dream career is to be an artist. I love the idea that I can explore ideas visually and manage to draw in different perspectives from other people.

Before Star Track though, I was still panicking and looking for something to do with my life. A friend suggested the programme to me, and at first wasn’t to sure what I would get out of it, however I did want to prove to myself I could commit to something worthwhile.

Star Track helped me to make positive changes. It helped me focus on one goal, and that is working on becoming the person I need to be for me to be happy and sane. In this space I’ve been allowed to be as expressive as I can and I’ve come to learn that I am nothing without my freedom to express myself. For that I am grateful. This is the best thing that has happened to me, my future is slowly unfolding because of this programme. I know what I want from life now. I’m very excited to be graduating from something. I have never met people who are more enthusiastic about my future than I had ever been.

In addition, meeting other co-creators who have similar struggles, working among people that show genuine interest as well as meeting people within the industries of my desired choice gave me an insight on myself and exactly what I wanted to do with my life.

The biggest thing Star Track taught me was that self-reflection does not equate to self-hate—but rather self-development. I think this single truth will allow me to critically analyse myself, and understand when I need to stop and re-centre myself in order to progress as a person and in chasing the career I want.

In terms of next steps, I am currently working on a written and visual project called “Wunderkiste” (which translates to Wonderbox) which was my final project with Spark+Mettle. I am also hoping to exhibit a project called Ronnie’s Girl, which will include various mediums including oil paints and digital media. I am working in a small vegetarian juice bar around my area to fund all my projects.


Applications for the 2015–16 Star Track fellowship are now OPEN, More information can be found here.