Catching Up With Past Co-Creator Jessica Starns


Our amazing 2013/14 co-creator and founder of Dyspraxic Me, Jessica Starns shares what she’s been up to since graduating Star Track and from the sounds of things, she’s had a whole lot going on…

This last year has been very busy for me and I have lots to share. In June 2013 I set up a support network for young adults between the ages of 16-25 with dyspraxia called Dyspraxic Me. Since February of this year I have been organising workshops that run once a month, focusing on topics that might be beneficial to young adults with dyspraxia.

So far we have had workshops on just about everything, from drama and interview skills, finance, yoga, health and wellbeing, to employability skills, cooking, cycling, memory techniques, art and reasonable adjustments in the workplace. The idea behind these workshops is to provide a positive environment filled with like-minded people in which Dyspraxic people can learn new skills, interact with one another and feel comfortable doing so.

In July 2014 I was awarded two awards for my work raising awareness of dyspraxia and for supporting others. On the 15th of July I was awarded the 64th Points of Light Award and received a letter (and a Tweet) from the Prime Minister. Just a week later I was awarded the Dyspraxia Foundation Matthew Hunt Award.

The very recent Dyspraxia Awareness Week ran from 12th-18th of October. For this event, Dyspraxic Me set up for a workshop at the Shape Arts Gallery to work with artist Damien Robinson. We spent time creating artwork about and in response to dyspraxia which was then displayed at Westfield’s pop-up Shape Gallery.

Though we hold varied Dyspraxic Me workshops every month. I am already thinking about what’s next for the network and what we can do to to push things forward. Over the next year I would like to raise more awareness of dyspraxia, support more dyspraxics and hopefully make a documentary about the people we support and the work that I have done since becoming a co-creator and founding the network. Like Dyspraxic Me on Facebook to keep up with my plans and to see what we created as a result of our Dyspraxia Awareness Week collaborations!