#BlueForWhat Campaign

Today we are thrilled to launch our #BlueForWhat campaign. January is always a rubbish time, and there’s been various—mostly dodgy—research into this Monday being the most miserable of all Mondays in the year. Still, despite the wobbliness of the evidence and where it comes from (for example, holiday companies who want you to book your next sunny vacation)—it’s a truthy sort of truth, mostly universally acknowledged, that right now is not the brightest and jolliest of times.
And that’s where we come in. Spark+Mettle is an organisation built on the premise of wanting everyone to flourish—to be happy, fulfil their potential, find success in work and life. We take a proactive approach to doing this, and we’re all about encouraging others to be proactive too. There’s no better time to do something about our woes than right now. And rather than dwelling on them, rather than languishing over them, crying alone on a park bench, or dripping salty tears into a pint of bitter, or cup of tea—we’re going to go on the flipside. We’re asking you to think about what you really love doing. EVEN when you’re feeling blue. What’s one thing you love (and keep it PG, please)? Hanging out with friends? Watching reruns of The Big Bang Theory? Listening to Taylor Swift (hey, I’ll admit it, no shame—even I’m hooked on Shake It Out, dammit)?
We want you to remind yourself about what you love doing, to celebrate it, and to share it with us and the world, using the hashtag #BlueForWhat . 
  • Tweet a photo of yourself doing whatever you love doing
  • Snap the happiest moment of your day and share it with the hashtag on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or wherever
  • Film yourself talking about what you most love doing in 20 seconds or less and share it with us
  • Anything else creative you fancy doing 
If you love doing this and want to do more proactive things to boost your mood, check out our website www.discoverabl.es. It’s totally free. 
Let’s put a bright blue spin on this week. Who’s in?
Written by Eugenie Teasley
Photograph by  Susana Fernandez