Earlier this year Spark+Mettle announced our inaugural Art Award, providing the brightest of creative minds to flex their artistic mettle muscle. At stake, the opportunity to feature in the very first Spark+Mettle exhibition this winter. To introduce the theme of the exhibition, Spark+Mettle held a workshop for the finalists.  

Team Spark+Mettle packed up the post-its and the Play-Doh and headed for Shoreditch, where Kazvare introduced the Art Award to the gathered finalists. From there, the reigns were handed over to Anna and Founding Associate Caroline, who put the finalists through their paces with a variety of activities, thinking moments and, most importantly, games.

Taking the knowledge gleaned from the Founding Associate training, Caroline enthusiastically kept the energy up throughout the evening. Highlights in the room included the much loved game Kispuds, a slightly bonkers Danish game originally introduced to team Spark+Mettle by another Founding Associate, Naomi. Each activity boosted the morale amongst the finalists and allowed hilarity and bonding to begin.

The evening was occasionally treated to sprinklings of awesomeness from the finalists, who somersaulted head first into everything Caroline and Anna threw at them. As part of the evening, each finalist shared some of their favourite original art pieces which allowed us to see the sheer brilliance on offer. After a quick play with Play-Doh and further affirmations of the Power of Mettle, the finalists headed home to get to work on their exhibition pieces. If the energy, enthusiasm and talent on show at the workshop are anything to go by, the final exhibition is going to be an essential, Sharpie-penned date for the diary. Absolutely not to be missed. 

Written by Amy Whitear

Have a sneaky peek at our finalists here


Little Greene are the official sponsors of this year’s Art Award. Along with up to £250 worth of goodies from Little Greene, the winner will also receive:

+ Work experience with photographer Richard Booth
+ an award
+ six months’ worth of  mentoring from an established artist

+ Little Greene vouchers and a free workshop on colour

+ their work will be exhibited for a short time at The Hospital Club (a private members’ club in Covent Garden)