Press + Mentions

Ooooh it feels nice when people say nice things. Even if you don’t much like the word ‘nice’.

Although in its infancy, Spark+Mettle is already garnering a reputation for exciting, compelling work.

Giving opportunities to youth born of fewer choices takes a stunning amount of work. There’s no one formula. No algorithm or one-size-fits-all program. What it takes is caring individuals who will work shoulder-to-shoulder with young people, guiding them, sometimes for years, until they reach a new plateau of better chances and choices. Spark+Mettle understands all this, and is doing this essential work with humble hearts and fierce dedication.

—Dave Eggers, writer and co-founder of 826 Valencia

A great project.

—Professor Richard Layard, author of Happiness

A great overview of what we’re trying to do:


Press for our first-ever campaign, Flour-ish:


Founder Eugenie Teasley has also been featured around the place: