We have come pretty far in a short space of time, and a lot of this is down to the gusto of organisations who have supported us from the off.

Spark+Mettle was one of three organisations to win the Working Well Challenge, from the Design Council and the Nominet Trust. We’re working in partnership with Pixelgroup (one of our early propellers) to develop—a website that allows marginalised young people to tell their story, their way, and to learn how to present themselves through various social media channels.


Forward Foundation awarded Spark+Mettle a grant of almost £35,000 to support Star Track move from pilot to proof of concept. Forward focuses on supporting youth organisations in London and sub-Saharan Africa. We are unbelievably excited about forming a great relationship with such a similarly-minded organisation when we were so little. How they will help us grow!


The Dulverton Trust awarded us a generous leveraging grant when we were only a third of the way through our pilot programme of Star Track. We were taken aback by their belief in our idea and our approach at such an early stage. They have been hugely supportive and helpful and we’re thrilled to be part of their impressive portfolio of organisations.


The Rothschild Foundation have generously awarded us funding for two years in a row to support our charitable work with young people. We feel extremely grateful for their ongoing support and recognition of the impact we have had in our early stages.


The RSA have generously awarded £1,500 from their Catalyst Fund to support Eugenie Teasley run a pilot version of The Dreamers Supply Company. In partnership with the Design Museum, they’ll be setting up a project that involves fellows of the RSA, writers, designers and a range of young people who are either seeking employment or otherwise overcoming obstacles in their lives. The results will be a trial product range to be launched in time for the London Design Festival and sold through the Design Museum.


PixelGroup are the grooviest digital design agency. First up, they let us be the recipient charity for over £40,000 of creative Brainyhacks power one dark December evening. And THEN they do things like come along to our lunch parlay and inspire our co-creators. And THEN they go and design and build (with the help of superstar developer Jonathan Fielding) an amazing microsite for our flour-ish campaign in a matter of days. Quite simply blown away.


Buzzbnk helped us launch our first ever crowdfunding campaign, and have remained firm friends ever since. It’s a growing community of charities and social enterprises who don’t just want to raise money for their own projects, but also want to give something back to their people, as well as becoming part of a forward-thinking network of change makers. Pretty rad.


Hub Westminster has in past times been our London office (and quite a few other people’s London office too…); it’s full of tons of like-minded, progressive folk who are doing awesome and exciting things. Oh, and it’s where we host some of our events. We love these guys.


A Very Good Company is an awesome social innovation company, and the brains behind the brilliant, inspirational and downright enjoyable A Good Week. We love them for their energy, their aesthetics, their forward-thinkingness and general loveliness.


Headspace is a project designed to demystify meditation. Using the wonders of science and technology, they make it easy-to-learn, fun-to-do, and relevant to your everyday life. The team have been insanely generous and have granted free mindfulness training for all our co-creators and their agents for a full year. You should go get some too!


Build is a creative studio that produces original, striking and mindfully-executed design for clients such as the Design Museum, Nike and Sony Playstation. In other words, they are insanely awesome and talented. Big guns. So we are humbled by the fact that founders Michael and Nicky Place have been super generous and offered to create a logo and brand identity pro bono for The Dreamers Supply Company project. May their creative brilliance reign free…