About Us


Spark+Mettle is a charity that uses coaching, tech and collaborative events to build character strengths, soft skills and networks in young people.


What we do and why

We are a youth development organisation that likes to help people flourish. We work with less-privileged young people who have unfulfilled ambitions to enable them to feel content in the present and confident about their future. We do this a number of different ways:

  • We develop bespoke youth development programmes in partnership with other organisations. We are currently delivering our biggest partnership project to date with the British Council and HSBC across nine countries in the Middle East and North Africa.
  • We train youth workers, teachers, volunteers and other professionals to adapt our methodology in supporting their young people. We are creating an interactive library of resources and menu of workshops. We call this our Academy.

After cuts to youth services, Spark+Mettle was set up in 2011 by educator Eugenie Teasley to build the character strengths, soft skills and networks young people need to succeed in work and life.


I am just very excited about Spark+Mettle as an organisation. I think the vibe and the tone is unique. It’s relaxed and laid back and very approachable. I think it is wonderful the amount of passion that has gone into it.

—Hasmita, a Star Track co-creator


Our aims

There is a growing evidence base showing that identifying and building character strengths and soft skills early on in life unlocks potential and bolsters social and emotional resilience – a key enabler for successfully navigating change and challenge. Spark+Mettle aim to help young people to identify and build these inner resources, in order for them to be happy, fulfilled and socially responsible citizens, in their local communities and the world.

We aim to ripple our positive impact not only to those we work with directly, but to anyone and everyone who is touched by our work in some way. 

Our history

Spark+Mettle was founded in 2011 by educator Eugenie Teasley, in response to government cuts to youth services. Since then we have: – Supported over 50 young people to develop their strengths and skills and find meaningful professional pursuits via our flagship programme Star Track – Reached hundreds of school and college students through our strength workshops – Delivered a blended life skills learning to thousands of students in the Middle East and North Africa in collaboration with the British Council and HSBC, with our innovative Taqaddam (Move Forward) programme In 2016, Spark+Mettle merged with the Goodall Foundation, a grant-giving organisation based in Brighton in the UK. Spark+Mettle act as the intel chip for tGF, plugging into their portfolio of projects and providing expertise to bolster the organisations’ three programme strands, Strengths & Skills, Enterprise & Innovation and Education. 


Expected outcomes

Through our work young people and their communities will develop:

  • Increased self-awareness and self-compassion
  • Increased tendency towards the growth mindset
  • Increased social connections, networks and empathy
  • Increased feelings of well-being and life satisfaction
  • Increased motivation and aspirations
  • Increased agency and self-mastery


Our values

  • BOLD